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残缺不全  cán quē bù quán







  • 奴隶们只是精神上残缺不全的怪物。
    A slave is only a spiritual pervert kneeling down in front of power.

  • 右心房是残缺不全的自己。
    The right atrium is incomplete own.

  • 环绕在土石堆周围的是一大圈残缺不全的立石。
    The remains of a great circle of standing stones surround the mound.

  • 古代罗马人建筑的城墙仍然可见,但已残缺不全了。
    The old Roman Walls may still be seen, but not in their integrity.

  • 大约此时,我偶尔发现一卷残缺不全的《旁观者》报。
    About this time I met with an odd volume of the Spectator.

  • 这样的品牌是残缺不全的,脱离消费者的品牌将一无所有。
    This brand is incomplete, the consumer brand will be nothing left.

  • 当他们带回那匹马的残缺不全的尸体时,她厌恶地扭过头去不看。
    disgustedly, she averted her eyes when they brought in the mutilated body of the horse.

  • 我们球员受伤,我们的阵容变得残缺不全,于是成绩也不尽如人意。
    We had injuries and suspensions, we were left with the smallest squad in the country and the results went accordingly.

  • 有, 然而一些残滓离开, 证明, 这塑料是残缺不全的硝代产品。
    There is, however some residue left, proof that this plastic is the product of incomplete nitration.

  • 毁损 断裂的圆柱和残缺不全的雕像垫座投下的长长阴影,铺展在这片废墟上。
    The long shadows of broken column and vague pedestal leaned across the field of ruin.

  • 收藏的档次也并不高,都是些破破烂烂、残缺不全的东西,没有多大的经济价值。
    My collections are not of high level but some incomplete or damaged stuff with no big commercial value.

  • 他那绝望的憔悴的、由于头被剃得残缺不全而显得难看的年轻的脸,向下低垂着。
    His wasted young face, with its look of hopelessness and the hideous disfigurement of the half-shaven head, was turned downwards.

  • 收藏的档次也并不高,都是些破破烂烂、残缺不全的东西,没有多大的经济价值。
    and the quality is not that high, they are all battered or shabby with little economic value.

  • 由于长期以来政策缺位,我国农村公共产品供给体系残缺不全,公共服务水平很低。
    As a result of the long-standing policy absence, the supply system of countryside public product is incomplete, and the public service level is quite low.

  • 目前五行阴阳学都残缺不全:中国五行阴阳学与西方魔法出现年代距离很长一段时间。
    At present the five elements of yin and yang are incomplete: yin and yang of Chinese and Western elements in the magic distance for a very long time.

  • 因为它残缺不全,只能慢慢滚动,所以能在路上欣赏花草树木,还和毛毛虫聊天,享受阳光。
    Incomplete because it can only be slowly rolling, they are able to enjoy the flowers and trees on the road, and Caterpillar also chat, enjoy the sun.

  • 他最终的计划是周六在残缺不全的西部牛仔餐吧开一个“啤酒、烧烤加布鲁斯音乐”的派对。
    He final plan is to throw a 'beer, barbeque, and blues' party at what's left of the Roadhouse on Saturday.

  • 但如若仅仅如此,这种只索不予的友谊注定是残缺不全与极其自私的,不能算作真正的友谊。
    But if merely so, this kind of rope does not give the friendship is doomed is incompletely with extremely selfish, cannot calculatemakes the true friendship.

  • 有一天,这个残缺不全的圆找到一个非常合适的碎片,它很开心地把那碎片拼上了,开始滚动。
    One day, this in comprehensive round to find a very suitable fragments, it is happy to put it together on the debris and began rolling.

  • 你把我叫做你的孩子,虽然家里许多鞋子和一些靠枕都被我咬得残缺不全,我依然是你最好的朋友。
    You called me your child and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows I became your best friend.

  • “有三个人还活着(星期六晚上),我把他们送到救护车上,他们的肢体残缺不全。”沙库尔说道。
    "Three of those that I put in ambulances [on Saturday night] were still alive, they all lost parts of their legs from different places, " said Shakoor.

  • 新加坡的猫福利协会表示,该岛西区居民与清洁人员已在街坊附近发现许多已死亡、身体残缺不全的猫。
    Singapore's Cat Welfare Society said that residents and cleaners on a western part of the island had found several dead, mutilated cats in their neighbourhood.

  • 他不忍心再朝这死鱼看上一眼,因为它已经被咬得残缺不全了。鱼挨到袭击的时候,他感到就象自己挨到袭击一样。
    He did not like to look at the fish anymore since he had been mutilated. When the fish had been hit it was as though he himself were hit.

  • 此文本的电讯传递将不能保证安全或准确性。因为信息可能被截取、讹误、丢失、毁坏,晚到、残缺不全或含有病毒。
    Electronic transmission of this document cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.

  • 老人用尽余力把鱼叉往鲨鱼身上扎去。尖吻鲭鲨打着滚沉下去了,带走了鱼叉,而且已经把马林鱼咬得残缺不全,鲜血直流。
    With failing might the old man struck the shark with his harpoon. The Mako rolled and sank, carrying the harpoon with it and leaving the marlin mutilated and Bloody.

  • 那些石头刻的佛雕已经残缺不全,数量也非常有限,但是当我知道他们是公元600年左右创造的,我还是觉得挺了不起的。
    The stone carvings in the cave weren't that spectacular, especially most of them are heavily damaged, but it is quite impressive that they were there since 600 AD.

  • 许多场景背景中出现的残缺不全的动物尸体都是真的,只有少数例外,这些尸体在电影拍摄之前就已经放在了贫民区和棚屋里。
    The mutilated animal carcasses in the background of many scenes were real and with only a few exceptions, were already in the real slums and shacks used for the filming.

  • 这就可以证明他们的幸福虽然已达人间之极峰,但是他们对之,仍不满意,觉得若无朋友使之圆满,则这种幸福终是残缺不全也。
    It proved most plainly that they found their own felicity(though as great as ever happened to mortal men) but as an half piece, except they nought have a friend, to make it entire;

  • 房子坐落在一道山坡上,从这里可以看见整个村子。房子的几扇窗子被封死了,房顶上的瓦残缺不全,爬山虎张牙舞爪地爬满了整座房子。
    It stood on a hill overlooking the village, some of its windows boarded, tiles missing from its roof, and ivy spreading unchecked over its face.

  • 周围那一幢幢破败的楼房好像刚经历了一场火灾,全被熏的黑乎乎,脏兮兮的,玻璃不是残缺不全就是落了一层灰,也不知道里面有没有人住。
    Mr Mootoo dilapidated buildings around it just experienced a fire, smoke, the dark are dirty, glass not deformities is a layer of ash fall, also do not know to have lived in.

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